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The Blacklist (2013)

Crime | Drama | 
IMDB Rayting:   8.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Former government agent Raymond

Stars: James Spader, Jessica Shea Alverson and Charles Baker

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April 27, 2017Episode 18 Philomena
April 20, 2017Episode 17 Requiem
April 20, 2017Episode 16 Dembe Zuma
February 23, 2017Episode 15 The Apothecary
February 16, 2017Episode 14 The Architect
February 09, 2017Episode 13 Isabella Stone
February 02, 2017Episode 12 Natalie Luca
January 19, 2017Episode 11 The Harem
January 12, 2017Episode 10 The Forecaster
November 03, 2016Episode 7 Dr. Adrian Shaw
October 27, 2016Episode 6 The Thrushes
October 13, 2016Episode 4 Gaia
October 06, 2016Episode 3 Miles McGrath
September 29, 2016Episode 2 Mato
September 22, 2016Episode 1 Esteban

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